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abc   berlin

solo presentation

abc berlin exposition, Berlin

September 2015

presented by Loock Galerie

At abc berlin, Loock Galerie presents the New York-based Jonathan VanDyke with an installation linking painting and performance. For the specific site he has mounted a tall, free-standing wooden fence creating both an exhibition and social space.

On the outside of a fence, fabricated for the site, a series of paintings are mounted. The marks on the surface of the canvas are made through a series of movements and choreographies created with the dancer-couple David Rafael Botana and Bradley Teal Ellis. These canvases are cut and sewn into vibrant patterns that refer to the early 20th-century Amish quilt and to Futurist and Cubist experiments. The paintings combine the strict geometry and labor of sewing of each piece of canvas with the messy, sexualized by-products of body movement and relationship.

A video inside of the fence shows the performers’ identities obscured by the play of pattern, color, and movement.

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