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Creative Practice Across the Disciplines

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

August 2021

2-week intensive


With an emphasis on perception, play, and collaboration, and drawing upon the visual and performing arts, participants engage in processes that can be applied to all fields of inquiry.

The class emphasizes the building of a holistic, multi-faceted practice while taking into account issues of sustainability, justice, and equity.


Sustained Observation

& Mindfulness

Museum of the North

September 2021

Participants are guided in contemplating collection objects that span centuries and cultures. Each participant will meditate upon a work of art for 60 minutes, sparking curiosity and wonder as they utilize techniques that build mindfulness and foster self-realization. The workshop is a unique opportunity for an intimate experience with extraordinary works of art, including many that are rarely on public view, and with a special emphasis on indigenous culture.

Drawing as a Conversation

Nanook Diversity and Action Center

Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

University of Alaska Fairbanks

August-September 2021

Working in silence and without text, participants use drawing exercises to observe, listen, and communicate differently.

Performance for Video

Advanced Performance for Video

The Pig Iron Schoo




How can we take agency over the way our identities and our bodies are captured on camera? How do we manage ownership of our stories and ourselves as we negotiate  social distancing and social media? How do the dominant forms of media, including film and television, reinforce ideas around who should be seen and heard? Inspired by the radical histories of performance art and experimental video art, we will perform for the camera in complex, compelling, playful and weird ways.

The workshops offer manners and techniques to use our smartphones and basic editing software to create short video works. We study the history of performance in relation to visual art and film, looking at key examples of performance art from the 1960’s to the present day. Participants will enact their own research into art performance, create performance scores for domestic spaces, and enact and share their performance and video art.

Painting on Camera

Crit Lab NY




This workshop is focused on painterly mark-making – broadly speaking – and how the process and results of this mark-making have been documented through photography, film, and video in the postwar period. Through dialogue and hands-on experiments, participants think through and process how this mark-making is “performed,” both in the studio and in live performances, and how documentation of “painters painting" has influenced our conception of painterly process.

Interdisciplinary Workshop for Dancers and Visual Artists

Dickinson College



Body movement, sensory awareness, and collaboration are explored in guided interactions between fine artists and performers.

Draw, Paint, Perform

Mt. Holyoke College



The workshop provides exercises in tactility, listening, careful observation, and composition building as a way to deepen one’s visual thinking and mindfulness. Each participant is challenged to consider sensorial perception and physicality as it applies to their working process. Participants are asked to re-think form in a more holistic manner, considering the whole life of objects from their conception to their installation.

In Draw, Perform, Paint, participants are guided through a series of movement-based exercises and prompts that are then translated into dynamic individual and group compositions – drawing and painting as an embodied practice.

Embodied Practice &

Sustained Observation

New England College

The Currier Museum



In this two-day workshop, participants are led through dynamic composition-building exercises, exploring materials and form, building tactility and adapting to change. In part-two, they undertake individual, sustained observation exercises with primary source material, and then engage one another in dialogue as they report their findings. Participants apply these findings to their respective studio practices and broader professional lives.

Creative Play & Collaboration

Interdisciplinary workshop for graduate students


Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC


University of the Arts, Philadelphia



Designed to connect graduate students across their disciplines, the workshop provides a space for creative play and commmunity building, while providing opportunities for interdisciplinary practice and methodologies for material exploration.

Performance for Visual Artists

Krabbesholm Højskole

2014 / 2015

Bowling Green State University



Participants are guided through movement and improvisational exercises, realizing an embodied practice through experiments with drawing, painting, and performance art. Individual and group work encourages collaboration and cross-disciplinary practice. Perceptual and sensorial methods are emphasized as students become more deeply attuned and accountable to the people and spaces around them, recognizing our interconnectedness and the significance of how we treat and care for our shared environment.

Visual Art for Performers

The Pig Iron School



This course introduces performers to principles of form and materiality in visual art production. Participants consider compositional principles and material properties using a range of media, techniques, and approaches, applying and taking into account the specific issues faced by performers, including spatiality, the expressivity of the body, the role of the audience, and the design of visual elements as they unfold in time and space. Visual art tools are in turn applied to performance practices while providing a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two.

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