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“Columbus Museum Gears Up For ‘Slow Art Day’ With Live Exhibition,” WTVM News, Columbus, Georgia



“Jonathan VanDyke,” Portfolio for BOMB magazine

“High Five: 5 Shows in the South Right Now,”



Jonathan VanDyke at unosunove, Rome, Exhibition Design Club (



“Layering and Flattening in Site-Specific Photography,” by Nick Balmforth, A

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“Angelina Gualdoni on Jonathan VanDyke; Jonathan VanDyke on Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Just Six Degrees

“The Artist at Work,” by Jamie Saxon, Princeton University News



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“Jonathan VanDyke: The Long Glance,” by Karina Kirnos,, Marina Abramovic Institute

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“Jonathan VanDyke: Beyond Oblivion,” by Elena Gasparri, Drome Magazine, October 13

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“Coming After at the Power Plant,” by Gabrielle Moser,

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“History Brought Forward: How the early days of AIDS Shaped today’s emerging queer artists,” by Amanda Chen, Canada’s Gay and Lesbian News, February 1

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“Taking a Stand, 8 Hours at a stretch, for ‘Convergence’” by Colin Dabkowski, The Buffalo News, (review of solo exhibition and interview), May 29

“Action: Watching the Watcher” by Sal Randolph, Word Object, June 3

Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public, by Carlos Motta and Joshua Lubin-Levy, contributing artist

“Jonathan VanDyke at the Albright Knox,”

“Performa 2011: Live Wires,” by David Balzer,, November 24            



“Jonathan VanDyke,” by Michael Wilson, Art Forum, January 2010

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“Drama Unfolds in York’s Abandoned Buildings,” by Erin McCracken, York Daily Record, June 8

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Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts, May/June 2009                

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“VanDyke elicits inspiration from the ordinary,” by Sam Lewis, The Campus Times, University of Rochester, NY

“Jonathan VanDyke opens Austin Thomas’ Pocket Utopia,” review,

“Jonathan VanDyke at Pocket Utopia,”

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