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May-June 2014

installation of paintings and live performance for 8 students
Four Boxes Gallery, Denmark

in collaboration with Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive


Featuring Amalie De Fine Licht, Katrine Hoff, Signe Lilja, Niels Dyring, Kristine Claudia Henriksen, Sune Amstrup Olsen, Silje Landin Freilev, and August Oddvarson Vik Daren.

An installation of new paintings, a set for an ongoing video shoot, and a live performance created in collaboration with students at Krabbesholm Højskole, Denmark.The students improvise with art materials in front of an audience, building up, painting, and knocking down each other's free-form structures, never settling into clarity or specificity. A series of dramatic "interventions" further interrupts the fluid development of the piece, from one student leading a protest march using signs that allude to abstract paintings, to another student interrupting the sculpture-making by practicing an 80's Jane Fonda workout routine.


 ☞ View video excerpt of performance below

A Crisis in the Life

of an Actress

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