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Self _Evidence

Performance lecture

University of the Arts, Philadelphia

April 2017

Performed by Jonathan VanDyke, with

Fred Brown, Jessica Creane, Johanna Kasimow, Lydia Kincaid, Lillian Ransijn & Meryl Sands

Sponsored by NYPAC and the UARTS Pig Iron School

I Martedi Credici, Rome

(in association with Temple University Rome), October 2015

Performed by Jonathan VanDyke

The Skowhegan Project Space, NYC, April 2015

Performed by Jonathan VanDyke

as part of Staging Sex, Staging Self performance series curated by

Jonathan VanDyke & Chelsea Knight

Presenting at 17, NYC

(project of artist Elise Gardella)


Jonathan VanDyke looks for himself in a family photograph taken during his childhood. The picture shows his adopted Uncle wearing his mother's dress while   holding the trunk of a stuffed elephant in his mouth. VanDyke's performance explores the issues faced by queers who were children during the AIDS crisis and 80's culture wars, and how the hyper-capitalism and theatricality of this  period nurtured a certain type of passing (including his own). Augmented by research into a gay panic that happened in his rural hometown, passages from he soap operas he watched as a child, and memories of a disappeared Uncle, he evokes the repressed ghosts of a lost generation of queer mentors while exploring his own transition from theatrical youth to closeted jock to out artist.

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