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Cordoned Area

Series of 3-hour performances

Created with and performed by Bradley Teal Ellis &

David Rafael Botana


Socrates Sculpture Park, NY

July 2011

Vox Populi, Philadelphia

September 2012

National Academy Museum, NY

July 2013

I <3 NY Performance Series,

Fire Island, NY

July 2014

Two men, who are also a couple in real life, move upon a large canvas over the course of three hours. They start clean; as paint drips from their uniforms and they make contact, color moves from body to body. The choreography of the piece, improvised from a score created collaboratively during several months of intensive dialogue, both mirrors and distorts the real life dynamics between the two men. Their movements shift from athletic to dance-like, from fast to slow, from tender to violent.


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Oltre l'Oblio

1/9unosunove, Rome

October–December 2013

Performance, featuring Sonia Viviani and Jonathan VanDyke, presented November 2013 by QWATZ

"In Oltre l'oblio, VanDyke presents a spatial and temporal experience in which his works, and one’s engagement with them, gradually but continuously change. Within the first gallery, VanDyke has constructed an apparatus that shifts from sculptural, to architectural, to painterly armature, an open wooden enclosure that simultaneously obstructs and reveals its interior and exterior to the viewer, as if through apertures. Circling outside the enclosure, one can see the front and back of six paintings installed within, and six photographs hanging without. Migrating throughout the photographs and paintings are geometric patterns that in the photographs appear in the performers’ harlequinesque habits, and in the paintings, transform and accumulate as if bricks, prison bars, or walls..."


                                –Lisa Hayes Williams

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Self Portrait as My Mother,

as an Actress, as a Painter,

as a Stranger

Series of 3-hour performances

Tops Gallery, Memphis

featuring Terri Lynn Phillips

April 2017

I <3 Fire Island Performance Series, NY

July 2014

featuring Laryssa Husiak

presented by NYPAC

On Stellar Rays, NYC

featuring Laryssa Husiak

July-August 2013

1/9unosunove, Rome

featuring Sonia Viviani

November 2013

Presented by QWATZ

Knockdown Center, NY

featuring Bethany Ides

December 2013

Scaramouche, NY

featuring Laryssa Husiak

September 2009

A woman arrives, unannounced and anonymously, at a gallery during an opening event. She is dressed in professional attire. Paint drips continuously from her purse, staining her dress and the space around her. She lingers silently for hours.

In some versions of the work, a male-presenting figure takes the leading role, while in other versions, two performers interact as both of them leak paint from their outfits. Power dynamics shift constantly, so that the audience is uncertain whether the two are family, lovers, friends, or colleagues.


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The Painter of the Hole

Scaramouche, NYC

May–July 2013

"Scaramouche is pleased to present The Painter of the Hole, Jonathan VanDyke's second solo exhibition with the gallery. VanDyke's new work evolves from his wall-mounted and free-standing sculptures, first exhibited at Scaramouche in 2009, that 'perform' as they continuously drip paint directly onto the floor, and from his many recent live performances, in which actors and dancers move silently for hours while paint drips upon them and passes from body to body. The works offer signifiers we associate with painterly process – canvas, stained and marked with color, appears both in objects and is represented in photographs – yet VanDyke has pushed and pulled painting in such a way that these signifiers are displaced. Undoing media-specific boundaries, VanDyke re-orients modernist conventions, conflating painting with fiber arts, fashion, dance, textile design, and photography..."

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Obstructed View

installation & series of performances

Performed by Francisco-Fernando Granados and Tyler Gledhill

The Power Plant, Toronto

November 2011 – January 2012

Two men share exactly one outfit of clothing. They exchange clothes over the course of several hours, moving silently upon and around a locker room bench as a sculpture high above them drips paint upon their bodies. They take positions in relation to one another – sometimes desiring, sometimes oppositional. As they move about the space, they leave traces of color upon the walls, the floor, and one another. Commissioned by The Power Plant as part of the exhibition Coming After, focussed on the practices of queer artists who came of age in the shadow of the AIDS crisis.

Curated by Jon Davies


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Painting Bitten by a Man

Vox Populi, Philadelphia

May-July 2012

Installation of sculptures, photographs, video, and a live performance,

featuring David Rafael Botana and Bradley Teal Ellis.

Curated by Andrew Suggs.

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