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Self Portrait

as my Mother,

as an Actress,

as a Painter,

as a Stranger

Series of 3-hour performances

A woman arrives, unannounced and anonymously, at a gallery during an opening event. She is dressed in professional attire. Paint drips continuously from her purse, staining her dress and the space around her. She lingers silently for hours.In some versions of the work, a male-presenting figure takes the leading role, while in certain versions, the performer discovers their clothing matches the pattern of a painting on view. In yet other versions, two performers interact as both of them leak paint from their outfits. Power dynamics shift constantly, so that the audience is uncertain whether the two are family, lovers, friends, or colleagues.

Tops Gallery, Memphis

featuring Terri Lynn Phillips

April 2017

I <3 Fire Island Performance Series, NY

July 2014

featuring Laryssa Husiak

presented by NYPAC

On Stellar Rays, NYC

featuring Laryssa Husiak

July-August 2013

1/9unosunove, Rome

featuring Sonia Viviani

November 2013

Presented by QWATZ

Knockdown Center, NY

featuring Bethany Ides

December 2013

Scaramouche, NY

featuring Laryssa Husiak

September 2009

☞view video excerpt from the 2013 presentation at

On Stellar Rays, NYC, below

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